Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Relive your childhood dreams and make your own chia pet!

A co-worker of mine (thanks Em!), recently suggested that everyone in our office should have an effigy in the form of a chia pet. I wasted no time in going home and making a representation of Dave, myself and Lol. Here's how easy it is to make one yourself:

You'll need:
A pair of stockings
Some grass seeds
A jug of water
A cardboard tube
Needle and thread

Take your stocking and tie a knot in the toe end. 
Cut off any excess material.

Insert the cardboard tube into the stocking so you can start filling it.

Start off with some grass seeds for the hair and then add sand until you have something that sort of looks like a head.

Tie a knot in the other end of the stocking and cut the excess off.

 Now you're ready to be a little creative.

Make a nose by pinching some of the sand.

Tie a knot around the nose with some thread and cut off any excess.

Create one or a group of your choosing.

Add some google eyes and accessories.
Now all you have to do is watch the grass grow!

The grass should start appearing in about a week.
Take off any accessories and dunk your new friend in water once every couple of days, making sure they also get some sun!




DAY 10!

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  1. We are thinking of doing this craft at our library this summer. Is it ok if we use your photos? We can credit your blog!