Sunday, January 30, 2011

How will you be travelling today?

1. Take a funky (impractical for erasing) eraser
2. Punch a hole in it
3. Thread a necklace through it, and
4. Be awesome!

Wedding Dress Round One - The Calico Version

First things first! Make your dress out of $4/m calico so you can get the perfect fit and avoid any exy mistakes.

Basing my pattern on the dress images from my forst blog, I needed to start making a mock-dress so that I could alter my mock-bodice to fit, and then get started on my final garment.

All I needed was:
- loads of calico,
- a basic pattern
- scissors,
- pins,
- pizza, and
- my supervisor:

After some adjustments to the original pattern, I was done!