Saturday, November 27, 2010

Engagement party thank you cards

I wanted something a little different for our engagement party thank you cards so Dave and I got back into the gear we wore at the party and posed with the gifts we were given. It was loads of fun!

First Post!

Hello, Annie?........

As this is my first post I am writing this to....myself. 

The intention of this blog is to diarise my creative habit. It seems a little grandiose to me to put my creative outlet on the net and say "look at me!" but I do kind of like it and am telling myself that it is a handy documentation tool for stuff I've made that I can look over in the future. Who knows what it will evolve into but for now, for starters, it's about my wedding.

As I am on a budget for my wedding (date still to be set) and I can't warrant spending exorbitant amounts of money on things I can do myself, I have decided to make my own wedding dress. I had an idea and loads of pictures were ripped out of magazines and stuck onto walls but the following pictures most closely resemble what I would like to sew. 

These anre John Galliano designs for Christian Dior. I like the idea of both the main dress and the dress behind it. I'm thinking a very pale turqoise green bodice and base skirt (similar to the blue base in the background dress) with white or off white tuille over the top going over one shoulder keeping it asymmetrical. I also like the idea of having a matching turquise green bow around the waist. I'll have to be careful to not go over the top. I think the turqoise bodice and bow will have to be very simple and elegant so that I can get creative with the tuille. and I really like the idea of having two colours so that it doesn't just look like a mess of white. I think it'll be more elegant and less meringue-ish with another colour. That is the basic idea I've had so it's nice to find a dress to show what I had in mind. It's also helped me clarify what I'd like.

A friend in my office mentioned origami bouquets last week. I thought that was a great idea but wanted something a little more durable. I love the idea of a fabric bouquet! It'll be cheaper than real flowers, original, one less thing that has to be done days before the wedding, and I can keep them forever.

I found a picture of a headband that had cool flowers and I have just quickly tried to make a similar version with calico. Like in the picture, I think it'd look great with a combination of solid fabric and organza. I don't know about my preferred colours just yet, but I could also always watercolour the edges to add life-like colour because it should bleed into the fabric nicely. Worth an experiment.