Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A month-or-so in the life of my sewing machine

Sewing. The craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread.
Sounds a bit standard, right?

Below you'll find some of the things I made over the recent Christmas holidays:
Apologies for the poor quality photos.

cotton box pleat skirt
fabric from Tessuti
pattern by me

sheer top.
I took the pattern off a top in my wardrobe

love this material!

am a bit of a fan of this band 'Die Antwoord'
I made this t-shirt and then painted it with this image in acrylic.
the image comes from some Sydney graffiti that I found and loved. 
ZEF $O FRE$, Indeed!!
...I also made a plain white version of this tee

shimmy shimmy

mind the wrinkles
made this simple box-pleat skirt and painted my bunny character on it

simple stretch stripe skirt. made a plain black one too
I also had some random items in my swing kit, so made this  one-shoulder thingy

....it adds a touch of pizzaz

floor length fine blue and white stripe dress with braided straps
I also made an obscenely long square bead necklace. I love the sound it makes.

very comfortable black jersey dress with beads and twisted straps 

fin.....for now....

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